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Handcrafted Wooden Items for Sale

To order products online please visit the Auroville Online Store


You can also make special or bulk orders which can be delivered by courier service (postage & packaging not included in price).

For delivery orders please contact us with more information about the items you would like and delivery preference.


All of the wood used to make our merchandise is sustainably sourced from Auroville forest and is harvested directly by TreeHouse Community. We do not fell any live trees and only make our products from trees which are already dead, or blown over by storm.




Treated Bamboo Multi-plug, 3-6 sockets.
Natural shape coffee table - Acacia, Teak and Red Sander wood.
Rare cross-section Mahogany slab mounted on a natural tripod.
Slab table with natural tripod legs (medium height).
Amazing spring stool - the only way to stay in shape whilst you sit.
Bamboo Lampshade, inlaid with Glass droplets.
Cooking spatulas - Acacia & Red Sander
Set of small hand carved wooden spoons.
Hand carved kitchen flippers - Acacia & Red Sander.
Hand carved wooden spoons - Acacia wood.
Bespoke salad tongs; Acacia wood.
Funky kitchen flippers - Acacia & Mahogany.
Funky shaped cutting board - Khaya wood - Send us your shape and we'll make it!
Cutting boards - Acacia wood.