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The Crew

Philipp, India

Having grown up amongst the forests of south india and living in a prototype treehouse, Philipp spends more time in the canopy than on the ground.

Having built over 100 treehouses in India, Europe, South America and other parts of the world, Philipp is the founder, guru and dedicated researcher of Treehouse Community. He is always ready and searching for the next adventure - 'Work More, Work Better'

Narayan, Slovenia

Having a strong urge to learn how to work better with wood, our most diverse and sustainable building material, Narayan spent 2 years in France, studying with Les Compagnons du Devoir and specializing in carpentry. He has now returned back to Auroville and enjoys working at the cutting edge of ecological lightweight treetop construction.

Virya, Spain

Virya is a passionate gardener and also a national basketball champion. His hard working determined energy and hands on experience with tropical construction, natural resource management and improvised construction turns work to play. When the electricity stays on in India, which is not often, there is no stopping Virya from grinding.

Mojib, India

Mojib is originally from Chandigarh in North India. He started working with treehouse community at only 18 years of age and is continually developing his skills and growing as a person. An excellent viking when it comes to axing and peeling big logs, and with a huge smile on his face he'll always do his best to complete the task at hand.

Sebastian, Germany

Some 8 years ago Sebastian travelled to india to conduct research on communities and sustainable technology. Whilst here he met Phillip and the techy German duo quickly delved into some crazy experimental projects together. Although Sebastian's base is in Germany (where he works as an inventor and engineer who specialises in developing ocean robotics for environmental research and community studies) when he gets the time he joins us to initiate some kind of radical construction so he can teach us a thing or two.

Pedro, Portugal

Has recently become the #1 gourmet treehouse chef. When he works it's not like a light breeze; we are speaking of trade winds that sweep across the work site.

Gabriel, Brasil

An enthusiastic fast learner, gabriel leaps forward in treehouseconstruction by specializing in the less exciting but more important groundwork. Preparation and planning on the ground is important before going up the tree to realize you've forgotten the measuring tape, besides those up will always need something from down. A reliable ground team is where the big achievements take place.

Mojtaba, India

AKA 'Mushy'. A natural Philosopher and social butterfly, Mojtaba adds something extra special to the team. Although he's actually scared of heights, nothing stops him from carving and grooving around in the canopy.

Noe, India

Forever genuine, thoughtful and hardworking, Noe, is one of the most beautiful people you'll ever meet. Having lived in Auroville his whole life, Noe managed the youth centre for some years before migrating to the treehouse community. Now fully settled in with us Noe is always ready for action; the latest big project being 2 treehouses in New Zealand #34 & 35 of the 500.

Kim, India

A thoroughly skilled carpenter has been a treehouse pioneer since his childhood. After traditional carpentry training in France with the 'companions', he has joined THC to take carpentry to a higher level.

Lili, India

Lili - who grew up in Auroville - did her studies in the UK to learn about woodcarving (wooden bears), structural carpentry and is now incorporating that into tree work. Lili is also a fervent horse rider & teacher.

Raluca and Robert

From right to righter. Raluca from Romania and Robert from Germany inside the eyes of maramane in Bandipur, now also involved in setting up treehouse base Brazil.

Marius, Germany

Besides being a thorough hard-working treehouse builder, Marius focuses on the treehouse-permaculture relationship to strengthen the root system of every treehouse and develop relationships with co-residing plants and species. Marius is also specifically studying implementation of electrical systems for treehouses and solar dc systems.

Ilango, India

Ilango masters a disappearing craft of natural local tamil construction. This type of house is traditionally made with stick and mud walls, wooden pole roof structure and thatch coverings of either coconut, reed, sugarcane or palm leaves.

We have coupled this traditional technique with newly discovered techniques of ecological building.

Luke, England

A talented Engineer & Climber from the UK - Luke has been with us since 2016 developing his skills towards bio-construction, woodwork & tree work. During this time he also created the treehouse community blog (about treetop construction, nature & sustainability) which is a platform for likeminded people and communities to connect with each other.

Mahindra, India

AKA. Commander Bolero. Forester and Budding Lumberjack, Mahindra rips around on the Tractor during the early hours scouting for Timber and managing the ever-growing forest. In addition, Mahindra has recently developed a keen interest in fine carpentry and is especially fond of making beautiful bespoke tables from funky slabs of wood.

Christian, Germany

Having been around during the formative years of treehouse community, and part of the cyclone clean up crew in 2012, Christian is a true Viking. A fully certified industrial climber and naturally positive motivator, we're always looking forward to the next adventure with Christian... 'Sanpapadee'



Pedro, Brasil

A lush talent with the guitar, climbing and moving people. Pedro is also a passionate driver, pilot of sophia and 2nd commander of WIPHALA. His passion for nature, travel and people brings him to the farthest tributaries of the south american continent. Back home in brazil Pedro represents THC brazil, which frequently run treehouse construction workshops:

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Simon, Sweden

An experienced global eco-builder, is one of the youth who pioneered treehouse designs in Auroville. During his adolescence, Simon and his friends experimented with ways of arboreal living that coupled the local organic architecture with innovative inter branch and cross-tree designs. ​Still with a strong connection to Auroville, Simon has become a global builder and is currently sharing his skills in Sweden, while learning more about modern carpentry.