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Featured Projects

A portfolio of treehouses, stilt houses and playgrounds.

Take a closer look into the construction of the treehouse, the materials used, the tree supporting it, where it stands and its inhabitants.

#2 The Khaya Treehouse
Auroville, India
Four storeys, living space, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, all amenities and facilities.
#3 VA's Castle
Chennai, India
Suspended play house with balcony including solar electricity installation, insect proofing and playful features.
#4 AVM Treefort
Chennai, India
School classroom built with up-cycled materials.
#3 Secret Island Treehouse
Bay of Bengal, India
Living room and sleeping deck, insect proofing, electrical installations.
#23 The Icosahedron
Auroville, India
Floating bamboo structured treehouse, extra light weight with solar electrical installation.
#29 Diamond Treehouse
Double-platform connected by bridge, fully insulated bedroom and open deck platform.
#34 Kahikitea Treehouse
New Zealand
A comfortable bedroom with balcony.
#51 Mala's Banyan Mansion
Goa, India
A high-up guest room, with toilet, water and electrical installations.
#58 The Dropletahedron
A mobile treehouse pod, easily transportable and fully customisable.
#66 Scorpion Treehouse
Auroville, India
A little sleeping refuge with two-sided balcony, fully closable and liftable staircase for safety.
#69 Pinus radiata
New Zealand
Large living and bedroom, balcony, a dry toilet, sink and electrical installation.
#74 Dragon Treehouse
Multiple-platforms with multiple staircases, balconies and bedrooms.
#75 Heart Treehouse
Large living and bedroom, balcony by the river.
#80 The Pentagon
Auroville, India
Double storey, rain proof, meeting and office space.
#83 Mango Mountain Treehouse
South India
A breezy coastal bedroom, playhouse.
#98 The Ark
Covered treehouse deck with spiral staircase.
#64 Bovonto Capsule
Auroville, India
Bedroom, thatch roof, areca nut flooring, casuarina supporting structure.
#86 Hookie Cookie Treehouse
Auroville, India
Lounge room, Palmyra leaf roof, areca nut flooring, bamboo supporting structure.
#90 Melody Treehouse
Auroville, India
School music classroom, thatch roof, areca nut flooring, casuarina supporting structure, with Acacia sturdy staircase.
#96 Faraway Treehouse
Auroville, India
Bedroom and meditating space, thatch roof, areca nut flooring, casuarina roof structure and Acacia supporting and staircase structure.
#50 Neverland
Auroville, India
Five platforms and bridges interconnected between Eucalyptus trees reaching 14m height.
#52 Chadha Playgrounds
Delhi, India
Several little stilt houses, castles, balancing beams, tree net, bouncing features, climbing wall and more.
#83 Stump Treehouse
United Kingdom
Playhouse including playground features (slide).
#19 Antonello's Beach House
Auroville, India
Stilt supported living room, kitchen, and loft bedroom. Tropical hard woods structure and floor, mud and bamboo mats walls. Water and electrical installations. Attached exterior bathroom.
#28 The Highest Treehouse On Earth
Himalayas, India
Bedroom supported by two poplar trees and additional stilts, main materials poplar logs and mud.
#99 The BCD
Bangalore, India
School entrance office space, playground features. Stilts and flooring of Acacia, up-cycled features (solar panels as windows), stained glass work window, and bamboo plywood walls.