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Treehouses for Rent

Living in the trees for holiday or an adventure trip!

Devdar, Varanashi Farms

In the Jungle of Varanashi Farm in Karnataka, India stands the #1/500 Devdar Treehouse built into a Raintree at 12m. It gives a far view over the cacao & banana plantations.

The treehouse is suited for two people. It has a balcony towards the south, a big living room with a bed and a lower platform for the bath.

Varanashi Organic Farm is well prepared for guests with three beautiful swimming pools, sporting activities such as canoeing and zip-lining. Together with Partha you can go on the chocolate track, starting at the Cacao plantation and finishing in the Chocolate Factory or you can go surfing off the West coast of India. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared by the Farm if requested.