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#14 Pitchandikulam Treehouse

Project Data

Tree:  Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Guanacaste)

Total floor area: 19.7m2

Height: Main platform at 7m

Materials: Eucalyptus, Acacia, Casuarina, Keeth roof, Mahogany

Date: November 2016


This treehouse was initially built in 2016 on a healthy Enterelobium cyclocarpum. Three years later the tree, like others of its species, unfortunately did not make it through several dry south Indian summers. This called for finding a way to keep the house alive in a deceased tree. We removed the bark to reduce the chance of termites making it up to the top, pruned all branches which were not holding significant structural support and bolted the treehouse structure to the heartwood of supporting trunks. With a little renovation to the house, now it shines again and is ready for its next inhabitant.