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#2 The Khaya Treehouse

Tree: Khaya senegalensis (African Mahogany)

Total floor area: above 60m2

Height: First platform at 9m, last platform at 19m.

Materials: Over 20 various types of wood. Some include, Khaya senegalensis, Acacia auriculiformis, Bamboo, Eucalyptus...

Date: Building started in January 2016


The masterpiece of the TreeHouse Community collection was built in a tall Khaya tree overlooking the forests of Auroville. This large and ambitious project had been running since February 2016. A beautiful spiral staircase now twists up 9.2 meters to the first floor into a cozy living room. The second floor is a fully furbished kitchen from where another staircase leads up to the bathroom. 19 meters up on the 4th floor bedroom you can see the coastline of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry in the distance.