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#20 Concrete Jungle Sk8 Park Treehouse

Project Data

Tree: Azadirachta indica

Materials: Pakku maram, Casuarina, and parts of used skateboards.

Date: 2017


"The goal of this skateboardy platform was to create a space for the people that use the skatepark, and in turn attract them to put more own initiative into building up the skatepark into a funner space. Treehouse #20's building process was fun and interesting on both a social and practical level. The project saw kids from Auroville joining the construction, so we had the opportunity to get creative and share ideas about the treehouses' possibilities with them. It was also intriguing to discover that used skateboard decks make for good shelves and comfortable backrests!", says Ranieri, a pro skater at the Concrete Jungle.