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#50 Neverland (All-in-one)

Project Data

Tree:  main supports are Eucalyptus globulus

Total floor area: several platforms of around 2m2

Height: from 2.5m to 17m high platforms

Materials: Acacia, teak, bamboo & steel cable

Date: until February 2018


Neverland is a playground starting on ground with a Take Off Ramp (Treehouse Number 36) and leading you all the way up over the South Indian canopy at 17 meters elevation. Four bridges connect the take off ramp and four Eucalyptus globulus trees to each other. All four trees bear a little platform or two, on which you can take a rest on the way up the 44 meter long skywalk. The link between the trees is mainly built upon V-shaped steel cables connected to pieces of wood (Acacia auriculiformis) at the bottom. The railings are made with long strips of bamboo collected from the forest and roasted to protect against fungus & bugs. The last bridge is 11 meters long and takes you to one last platform up the the Eucalyptus branches overhead. At 17 metres, we'll have the best sunset view in the whole neighbourhood.