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#58 The Dropletahedron

Project Data

'The Dropletahedron' is a transportable lightweight treehouse capsule which can be installed on one tree, between many trees or just placed on the ground. The capsule is easily dismantled and transported by car or van to different sites, or left as a permanent structure.

Building the capsule was a challenging and fun experiment in innovative construction, taking an approach that has not been done before. It has potential for a variety of applications such as camping / glamping, eco-lodges, retreat centres, festivals, art exhibits, educational purposes or as a garden feature.


Tree:  Various

Total floor area:  1.4m2 Due to dodecahedron shape, the useable area opens out at seating level to 4m2 and a small bed for 1-2 people is placed here.

Height: Various

Materials: Douglas Fir & Oak, both treated for maximum outdoor life. Panels are made from Birch Ply, sealed with epoxy resin at the ends of the ply. The panels seal in with rubber D-profile strips.

Date: August 2018 (Initiation of fund raiser campaign); October 2018 - Jan 2019 (Build & Test Install)