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#65 ATree Leela Treehouse

Project Data

Tree:  Celtis tetrandra

Total floor area:  22.5 sqm

Height: First floor at 5.55m and second floor at 8.35m.

Materials: Malaysian Saal was used as the structural hardwood, pinewood, plywood, Alu sheets and bubble for roofing, walnut tree wood, among other special local wood types.

Date: November 2018


This treehouse was the Atree family's special dream since childhood days spent in Mussoorie. It was now designed as a hostel on the Rainbow Farms which thanks to its double-storey design several people can inhabit throughout the year. Its intricate design and insolation make it withhold the Himalayan winters and the beautiful balconies are perfect to enjoy the summer days and view into the valley.