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#73 El Tropicana

Project Data

Tree:  Mangifera indica (Mango tree)

Total floor area: 9m2

Height: First platform at 2m and the main platform at 4m.

Materials: Traditional style treehouse: The main structure uses Casuarina poles, the floor uses Pakku maram (Areca nut rafters), the roof uses Keeth (coconut thatch), and the material used to fix the beams and floor together is Coconut rope. Reused materials such as 'chappals'/sandals and tetrapacks were used as padding

Design notes: The design was finalized as a team, by merging all workshop participants' individual designs.

Date: February 2019, a 5-day treehouse construction workshop


Ashwagandha, the smell of the horse in Sanskrit. This treehouse was built on a piece of land new to a group of horses, for a kind caretaker to live close by or for 'hangin' with the horses while watching the evening sun depart for the day. The treehouse gains its name, El Tropicana, from the few reused Tropicana tetrapacks as padding. This 2 storey treehouse was built by a motivated group of Traditional Treehouse Construction workshop participants who have moved on to applying the skills they learnt by building more treehouses.