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#75 Heart Treehouse

Project Data

Tree:  Lila and Lobita are two wise old trees growing out of the banks of Terrenia creek. Together, they hold up the Heart Treehouse that extends over the waters of the creek.

Total floor area: 42m2

Height: Main platform at 5m

Materials: treated pine, tropical hardwood, and reclaimed windows and doors

Date: February 2019


The Heart Treehouse was built in the enchanted forests of Nightcap National Park in the tropical hills of New South Wales, Australia. It will be a space for guests to retreat to just along the river. While building we experienced the region's amazing nature. You may get an evening greet from the world's most poisonous brown snake, see fluorescent glow-in-the-dark fungi and share your breakfast with kind birds passing through. Even while dipping in the river you may be accompanied by eels just trying to make their catch of the day while it seems like it's snowing from the trees above. A treehouse at a beautiful spot to relax and be with nature by the river.