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#80 The Pentagon

Project Data

Tree: Albizia saman

Total floor area: 30m2

Height: First platform at 4m, second room at 6m

Materials: Acacia auriculiformis for most of the supporting structure, staircase, flooring planks, roof structure; bamboo ply for the walls, refurbished windows, bamboo roof overhangs, metal sheets.

Date: November 2019


The Pentagon was started during a one month Level 1 Treehouse Construction Workshop at the TreeHouse Community's base in Abri, Auroville. A lot of helping hands were involved in making it a unique treehouse of patchwork. It includes a long staircase on one single tree post, an arrival deck with in built benches, a spiral staircase to the second floor, a closed room for meetings and relaxing between work. It was built in the center of our workshop and is the main treehouse shown to intrigued visitors.