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#83 Mango Mountain Treehouse

Project Data

Tree:  Mangifera indica (Mango tree)

Total floor area: 18m2

Height: Main platform at 6m

Materials: Acacia auriculiformis , pressure treated bamboo, plywood

Design notes: The structure of the treehouse showed to be very strong, so the renovation mostly involved replacing bamboo which was inhabited by honey bees and creating a new facade. We used locally sourced bamboo which we treated by replacing its liquid sugar content by water to make it more durable and less attractive to insects.

Date: June 2019


Mango Mountain Treehouse was initially built as Marene's Treehouse in 2012. Several years later, it now has new owners and with it a new purpose. Two sweet young girls spend their vacation on Mango Mountain, with the treehouse giving them a perfect get-away playhouse with a view over the coconut fields and of the ocean. Even in summer the ocean breeze makes it a perfect spot to sleep.