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#86 Hookie Cookie Treehouse

Project Data

Tree:  Azadirachta indica (Neem tree)

Materials: Locally sourced materials: Acacia auriculiformis , Bamboo, 'pakku maram', coconut rope, and coconut leaves.

Design notes: The treehouse design was a team effort during a Traditional Treehouse Construction Workshop.

Date: August 2019


Until now, the Traditional Treehouse Construction Workshops used mainly materials based on the traditional South Indian capsule. This time we added another element to it, harvesting and treating bamboo and using the coconut leaves as a roof in a different way than the already wooven 'keeth'. Building involved a diverse group of participants, a motivated team of treehouse builders, some rain and a lot of fun. After 6 days, the Hookie Cookie (named by our youngest participant you hereby built his own hookie) was ready to be used as a communal space at our THC Auroville base in Abri.