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#90 Melody Treehouse

Project Data

Tree:  Tamarindus indica

Total floor area:  12m2

Height: Main platform at 4.5m

Materials: Traditional style treehouse: The main structure uses Casuarina poles, the floor uses Pakku maram (Areca nut rafters), the roof uses Keeth (coconut thatch), and the material used to fix the beams and floor together is Coconut rope. Reused materials such as old tyres were used for padding. The staircase was made less traditionally using battery powered tools to cut the locally and sustainabily sourced Acacia auriculiformis wood for the steps to be joint into one long tree of the same for the staircase base.

Design notes: The design was finalized as a team, by merging all workshop participants' individual designs.

Date: November 2019


This treehouse was built for The Learning Community to have its music classes up in the tree. The Learning Community is a school which aims at creating a space where children and adults by living and working together can grow more conscious of their inner and outer being. They wrote, "A big thank you to the Tree House Community for creating this amazing new learning environment for us! This treehouse will be our new music space, where the children can explore sound and develop their faculties of listening, hearing and musical awareness."