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#93 The Stump Treehouse

Project Data

Tree:  Eucalyptus stump

Total floor area: 7m2

Height: Main platform at 2m

Materials: European pine, English oak, Siberian larch, Felt mineral roof

Date: September 2019


The Stump Treehouse is a little children's treehouse around an old tree stump in Horfield, the suburbs of Bristol, UK. It has a little balcony with the hand rail passing through the dead branches of the tree. The entrance to The Stump Treehouse has a little rope ladder for the kids to climb in. Little it is to fit its new playmates and caretakers, the kids.

After being part of the Treehouse Community team in India, Luke ventured to the UK where he started TreetopCo and built this treehouse among others and many to follow. Visit the website for more on TreetopCo