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#98 The Ark

Project Data

Tree:  Larch trees

Date: April 2020


"This geometric beauty, primarily referred to as ‘The Glen Treehouse’, was aptly named ‘The Ark’ as its shape began to crystallize. Its open sides create the perfect setting to hang out with the family and enjoy the evening sun without feeling enclosed. The floating appearance of this treehouse was made possible with the use of two upside down tri-beams fixed by two treehouse attachment bolts the adjacent larch trees. The tri beams - which typically support a treehouse structure from underneath - then became an integrated feature of the treehouse as we fixed our waney-edged cladding, handrails and some trinket shelves onto them. The panoramic openings let leaves and branches grow into the treehouse, whilst its angular framework, reclaimed spiral staircase and fractal railing complete the look of this funky number" (TreetopCo, 2020).


After being part of the Treehouse Community team in India, Luke ventured to the UK where he started TreetopCo and built this treehouse among others and many to follow. Visit the website for more on TreetopCo