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Treehouse Construction Workshops


We promote and share the skills needed to build treehouses in our intensive practical training courses. We offer various workshops for first-timers getting to know treehouses and the community, for those interested in learning simple construction techniques, or for ambitious builders looking to become certified in bio-construction and treetop design in a 3 Level System. Upon completion of all courses you become a part of the 500 treehouse project and its network.


Beginner builders we recommend that you first complete the Traditional Treehouse Construction course before joining our more advanced courses. For people who have experience in construction / wood work it is possible to advance immediately to Level 1, however our Traditional Treehouse Contruction course covers all the essential topics for treehouse construction and will give you a great base to kick start your own treehouse project.


Customized Workshops

We provide closed courses on arrangement:

-For larger groups of up to 40 people such as school groups, families, University students...

-Content according to the special interests

-Flexible starting dates upon request


Traditional Treehouse Construction (6 days)

-Basic rope and tree climbing, introduction to tree climbing equipment

-Use of hand tools such as machete, spokeshave and axe to clean and prep materials

-Basic wood working

-Treehouse design, tree selection

-Basic tree pruning principles for tree health and maintenance

-Lifting systems, pulleys

-Introduction to sustainable treetop building

-Full house construction, from main structure, flooring, walls, roofing and staircase construction


Level 1

-Constructing a single-room low treehouse

-Becoming skilled at using a variety of hand and power tools

-Various climbing techniques

-Tree science

-Wood science

-Designing and building a safe, comfortable tree-room


Level 2

-Constructing a single-room high treehouse

-Building treehouses in challenging environments

-Technical tree work

-Engineering and architecture of a treehouse

-Various roofing techniques

-Various access structures

-Basic amenities


Level 3 - Treehouse Master Course

-Advanced amenities

-Luxury and multi-storey treehouses

-Electrical and sanitary installations

-Safety regulations

-Building for the public


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